The Next Big Thing: Dry Creek Elementary

From the beginning, we have said, “The church is a people you know, not a place you go.” We don’t want any specific meeting location to define us because we are so much more than a place. We are a microcosm of the body of Christ. We are a local church within the context of a global church. And we are for our cities!

In January we received information that the facility we rent from was changing our agreement. We were no longer going to have access to their auditorium and our rates were going to increase sometime in the not-so-distant future by 700%. We called our leadership team together and we began to discuss what all of our possibilities were. We put everything on the board:

  • Theaters
  • Churches
  • Leased Space
  • Schools

For us, the biggest limiters for a venue were price and space for kids. Adults can meet just about anywhere, but we don’t put kids in a little room and throw a volunteer in there kicking and screaming. Our model, our strategy requires ample room for kids. We create environments for them. We transform rooms in Waumba Land and UpStreet. We care about kids and we love kids. In fact, on any given Sunday, you’ll find we are 30-40% kids!

One-by-one we ruled each one out as we thought about our needs. It went something like this:

  • Theaters: We did a service in a theater once, it was okay for adults, but not good for kids.
  • Churches: We meet on Sunday mornings, so do other churches. This option would force us to move to Sunday afternoons or evenings and since we have so many young families, that would be really difficult. I don’t know about you, but my kids need naps on Sundays and I can’t guarantee that I’d even be there.
  • Leased Space: Sounds great in theory, but once you start looking at the cost… we just aren’t able to spend 10K+ a month on a facility at this point.
  • Schools: YES! Schools! Let’s try that.

So our search began. What schools should we try? Once again, we need some good-sized rooms! After looking at Buchanan and Alta Sierra, a school we had already ruled out jumped back onto our radar… Dry Creek Elementary. Most elementary schools don’t have enough space to create the environments that have come to identify the Two Cities experience. But Dry Creek has an old Cafeteria, the Panther Pavilion, and a newer Multi-Purpose Room.

After some conversations with the school district and the school site, they accepted our request! Praise God!

Our weekly rental rate will increase from the rates we previously had, but it will be cut in half from what they would be if we had stayed at “the Vet.”

So now we have a huge opportunity because being in a local school allows us to accomplish our mission in new and exciting ways. Our mission, by the way, is to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. And what we both know is that there are many people in our two cities who don’t have a growing relationship with Jesus. That’s why we started this church. Being in a school allows us to:

  • Serve our community better through partnerships with the school and neighborhood.
  • Reach more families because of proximity to their neighborhood.
  • Have better exposure and better drive-by awareness.
  • Come alongside an already existing community of parents, teachers and students by providing support, funds or volunteers for school events, activities or clubs.

Here’s the timeline:

  • This Sunday, February 28 is our last Sunday at “the Vet.”
  • March 6 at 10:30 am is our first Sunday at Dry Creek. Message: Come & See, Part 1.
  • March 13 at 10:30 am. Message: Come & See, Part 2.
  • Friday, March 18, time TBA, BBQ & Easter Egg Hunt at Dry Creek Park on Clovis Ave / Alluvial.
  • March 20 at 10:30 am. Message: Come & See, Part 3.
  • March 21 or 22, time TBA, Prayer on Dry Creek’s Campus.
  • March 27 at 9:30 & 11:15 am. EASTER Sunday and Grand Opening
  • April 3 at 10:30 am, resume our regular service times.

We believe that God has pushed us to take this step for the next big thing he wants to do in and through our community. I pray that if you consider Two Cities your home, you will step up during this transition. Transitions make it easy for people to opt-out, but I need you to lean-in. Lean into the four things that keep this church thriving: Percentage Giving, Community Groups, Strategic Service and Invest & Invite.

This next season is going to be an incredible time of personal growth for many of us. As our faith, our resources, our drive, our resolve and our capacity is stretched… God will move mountains in our lives. This next season is the next big thing and it’s an incredible opportunity. Don’t miss it. Are you with us? Are you FOR these two cities?