VOTW: Dan & Sarah Allan

Meet Dan & Sarah Allan! They are our Volunteers of the Week. Together they serve in UpStreet. Frequently, Dan also serve as our host during Large Group. Here’s what Amy Bolton and Erica Foster had to say about their volunteerism: “They always show up super prepared and do an amazing job every time they serve. Sarah is an amazing small group leader for 4-6 graders. Dan is an awesome large group leader, room facilitator and fills in anywhere we need! He’s great at engaging the kids in whatever he is talking about and finding ways to help them remember the bottom line (Ask him about high fours). We appreciate their willingness to fill in, move around and do whatever is best for the kids. They have provided extra supplies and always go the extra mile. Dan has even filled in and lead their community group when Chris Loach was gone. He came with a full page of notes and gave a synopsis of the whole series to help everyone with the discussion.”