VOTW: Janice Guntner

Meet Janice Guntner. Janice is one of the most consistent and self-less people I have ever met. She serves on two teams, Road Crew and Guest Services. You can find her setting up furniture and signs outside, as well as passing out connection cards inside. She often serves when she isn’t scheduled to help cover for someone who can’t make it. She’s always ready and always willing, if she had a mantra, it might be If you need help, just ask. Here’s what others have to say about her:

I can’t say enough about Janice, my mom always told me that actions speak louder than words and Janice is the shining example. No matter what she is going through in life she has put her dedication to serving others above all else. Janice has provided an example of putting God first to us all. Side note…her dry yet witty sense of humor is the ying to our yang. – Carson Goldberg, Guest Services Co-Director

She is like a fairy godmother, she shows and anticipates needs before I even realize they are needs. I love Janice!  – Amy Bolton, UpStreet Director

Consistent, dependable,  does whatever is needed, good observer, committed team player, doesn’t stop until work is done. She cares and shows it with actions. – Jim Tienken, Ministry Services Director

She is very dependable. She has been committed to serving even through difficult seasons for her personally. Her snarky personality always makes me laugh and brightens my morning. – Erica Foster, Children’s Ministry Director