VOTW: Abel Garza

Meet Abel Garza. Abel first visited Two Cities because we were selling a broken speaker on Craigslist and he responded to the listing. He came to visit and from day one, he’s been a big part of our Production Team. Abel serves one to three times a month as our sound tech, running our mixing console and ensuring that everything runs smoothly. He also serves as a part of our Video Team, the guys that make all those awesome Baptism videos and more! Here’s what some of our team had to say about Abel.

“He’s awesome!” – Ryan McGrail, Video Team Member, Drummer, Production Crew

“Abel is the best! He’s always observing and thinking creatively about things. He’s able to pop in and make things better whether it’s sound on Sunday morning or helping our video team make things look and sound better! He also loves music and really connects with God through music which is fun to see!” – Paul Haugen, Service Programming Director