VOTW: Danny Tovar

Meet Danny Tovar. Danny serves in many ways. He rotates on our Road Crew team every other week, setting up and tearing down. He is a small group leader for some of our UpStreet kids and he’s jumped into other roles when we needed an extra hand. Here’s what others are saying:

“Danny is awesome to work with! He always shows up with a smile, prepared and a compassionate heart toward the kids. We recently asked if he could lead large group when someone couldn’t come last minute and his response was ‘Let’s do this!’ He’s always willing to jump in and is super capable of helping in any way needed” – Erica Foster, Children’s Ministry Director

“He does set up and leads a small group and last week he jumped in as large group leader and did amazing! I appreciate his willingness to give everything a try, to ask questions and go above and beyond in every way. I asked him to fill in as large group leader and he found stickers in my supply box to engage the kids when they answered his questions. He’s so great with the kids and cares a lot. He’s even taken it upon himself to go and get the curriculum out of our car every week he’s there so that I don’t have to. I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate him and all he does! And I loved his ‘let’s do this’ last week. That is basically the epitome of Danny, always willing to do more!” – Amy Bolton, UpStreet Director