Adventure is Everywhere.

Do you agree with that statement?

Most kids seek out adventure. Their natural bent is to move towards adventurous things, even dangerous things. But at some point along the way, many of us lose our sense of adventure. Why?

In short, I believe it to be the result of two types of conditioning: experiential and cultural conditioning.

Our culture, specifically in Christian-sub-culture, that thing that’s often referred to as the Christian-bubble, often tells us to avoid risk, and avoid non-Christian-culture. Sometimes that is wise and sometimes that is in direct conflict with what the Holy Spirit might be telling you to do. Sometimes God calls us into risk and calls us out to go on an adventure with Him.

Our experience also holds us back from adventure. Mainly, our painful experiences. We took a risk before and we went on an adventure, and we ended up experiencing hurt. Here’s both the best and worst phrase to hear when you’re in the midst of something painful. Are you ready? Here goes…

Sometimes, there’s purpose in the pain.

There, I said it.

I’d like to challenge you. Despite the cultural norm and despite your experienced pain, I want to invite you into the adventure that is following Jesus. The great thing about following Jesus is that he leads, you only need to follow. You don’t have to have all of the answers and you don’t have to be in-charge, you just do what he does and love like he loves.

If you’d like to let your faith out of it’s cage and experience some adventure with Jesus, now is your time. Untame your faith and you’ll see that Adventure is Everywhere. Adventure isn’t about the best sunsets or the coolest gadgets, it’s about following Jesus where he leads. It will certainly feel unsafe, at times, and you’ll run the risk of pain, but in the end… there’s only one guy who can say, “Dude! I walked on water with Jesus!”

So, go! Listen for his leading, follow his commands and experience the adventure of a lifetime, with Jesus

In Him,