See the World (July Series)

Come for the service and stay for the after party.

Sundays, 10 AM + After Party
145 N. Clovis Ave, STE 102
Clovis, CA 93612

Series Overview:
Family, friends, education, personal experience—plenty of things influence how you see the world. But how does the way you see the world affect you?

What if you’re missing a bigger picture?

7/2 – Paul Haugen: Invite an Interruption
How you see the world affects everything you do. It even affects how you see God. What would it take for you to broaden your view so you can see God more accurately and connect with him more deeply?

7/9 – Micah Foster – Money
Seeing your money and possessions as God sees them will make you more inclined to do with them as God says. That can revolutionize your life.

7/16 – Tim Douty – Time
We tend to view our time the same way we view our money—we spend, invest, and waste it. The question is: how does God view time? If we saw it as he sees it, it might affect the way we use our own.

7/23 – Gilbert Salcedo: Three Little Words
We all have a picture of what our lives should look like. Our ambitions create desired destinations, but what happens when our circumstances threaten those desires?

7/30 – Levi Lusko: Through the Eyes of a Lion
When we face pain and loss, they change the story we had planned for our lives. They can end our dreams. But what do pain and loss look like when we try to see the world as God sees the world, and to do as God says?