What about high school and middle school students?

Our Students Meet on Sundays from 11:10 after our Sunday service ends.

At Two Cities Church we care deeply about students. Most of our staff or volunteer staff have either led a student ministry or volunteered in student ministries before. We understand this critical age. As a parent you worry about the choices they make, the friends they have, and the environments they put themselves in. We want you to know that the best thing a student can do at this age is develop a sense of independence from the crowd and the best way we’ve found to do that is through consistent service.

When students feel responsible to be a role model, they are more responsible. When students see the faces of little kids light up as they enter the room, they realize their God-given worth. In fact, the stats show that most students graduate their faith when they graduate high school. But that statistic is drastically reduced when a student is consistently serving. That’s why we’ve created Student Impact. It’s a way for students to impact the lives of others and that’s the kind of thing that stays with them post-graduation.

Watch student impact volunteer, Allison, talk about why she’s involved with Two Cities.

Watch student impact volunteer, Rachel, tell her story and be baptized at Two Cities.

What about a youth group?

Our plan is to ultimately have incredible environments for students. It’s going to happen in stages. Here’s the plan:

  • Stage 1: Build up the demand for a student ministry by reaching more students through our adult services and getting them connected in Student Impact. [Currently Doing This]
  • Stage 2: Connect students relationally through monthly hang-out that they can connect with leaders through and bring their friends to. Connect those friends back into Student Impact. [Currently Doing This]
  • Stage 3: Create a weekly environment for 7th-12th grade students called InsideOut. [Currently Doing This as Small Groups on Sundays]
  • Stage 4: Split that environment into two environments. One for 7th-8th students called Transit and one for 9th-12th students called InsideOut. [Future]

Both Transit and InsideOut will include rockin’ music, relevant teaching and small groups (by age and gender). We plan to accomplish our goal of leading students into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ by creating environments where:

  • Students are excited to invite unchurched friends
  • God’s truth is communicated in a relevant way
  • Meaningful friendships lead to spiritual growth

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