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Risky Decision

Message Summary: Risk. It’s everywhere. It’s unavoidable and the more we avoid risk, the more we avoid people. What if risk isn’t such a bad thing? What if the biggest risk in life is taking no risk at all? After all, you are one giant risk and someone is taking it on you. What if…

Mother’s Day

This Sunday we’re celebrating the ladies! Mothers, Mothers-to-be, Grandmothers, Spiritual Mothers, Aunts, Sisters, and Daughters… whatever your label, we’re celebrating you. Come hang out with us this Sunday. RSVP and/or Invite People to our Facebook Event Page

Brand: New

Series Description: The arrival of Jesus signaled the end of the Temple Model and the beginning of something entirely new! Series Duration: April 8 – May 6 Series Facebook Event Page

Easter: Believe Again

Do you sometimes wonder how anyone could believe Christ died for our sins, was buried, rose from the dead, and was seen? It was enough then. Maybe it’s still enough today. RSVP and Invite on our Facebook Event

Killin’ It

There’s something that rises up in each of us. It keeps us from apologizing, admitting we’re wrong, or showing weakness. It keeps us from forgiving. It causes us to lie about our pasts, to cheat instead of lose, and to feel happy when someone else fails. It stands in the way not only of our…

What Happy Couples Know

Does it ever seem like every couple around you has it all together, while you can’t even agree on what’s for dinner? Wanna know the secret? Sundays, Feb 11-Mar 4, 2018 10:30 am 808 4th St, Clovis, CA 93612 RSVP on Facebook

Football Sunday

On the day of Super Bowl LII, Eagles vs. Patriots, we’re going to take a time out from our regularly scheduled messages and pause to hear from NFL players like Matt Forte, Carson Wentz, and Demario Davis. It’s a perfect day to invite a friend to Two Cities Church! RSVP on Facebook 

How to Get What You Really Want

* Beginning, January 7, 2018 at 10:30 AM, we will begin meeting at the Clovis Veterans Memorial District Building in Old Town Clovis.* January Series Description: What do you want in 2018? Is it a what? Is it a who? Maybe it’s a state of mind. Are you sure it’s what you really want? Let’s…

Lego Build Clovis

Lego Build Clovis is a lego competition for elementary aged kids to have fun and learn about Habitat for Humanity and what they do for our community. Space is limited to 16 teams of 2 and we’d love to see you there. Registration is required and donations for Habitat are not expected, but appreciated. Register…

Christmas Eve: The Perfect Christms

We all have a picture in our mind of what the perfect Christmas should look like. So, what do we do when the circumstances of Christmas don’t line up with our picture of Christmas? Come one, come all, and celebrate the birth of Jesus with us on Christmas Eve! Facebook Event