My next step is emotional healing... - Two Cities Church

My next step is emotional healing…

In January we started something new at Two Cities. It’s called Starting Point. There was a pilot group of people and leaders who had never led it before and what resulted was miraculous. Starting Point is a short-term small group experience. It’s designed for people who are curious about faith, new to faith or have taken a bit of a vacation from their faith and are coming back. It’s designed for skeptics and questioners and barely-hanging-on-to-my-faith kinds of believers.

Two of the people who were in that group were baptized this past Sunday night. We’ll post their baptism story videos in the coming weeks, but here’s a couple of pictures from the night.

At the end of the 8 weeks, I had the pleasure of having a meal with the participants and leaders. We gave out surveys to help us analyze how we might have an even better group experience this next time around.  At the end of the survey it says, “Do you want us to know anything else?” The following is from one of those surveys:

Thank you. This was really amazing for me. I was able to discuss my hesitations about going back to church and surrendering and was able to learn so much from the other people in the group and their experiences. I was able to share my story, even though it was extremely tough for me. I have had bad experiences sharing and was really nervous and emotional about it, and it really was a great environment. Everyone was so inspiring with their stories and sincere and I really appreciated the raw and genuine atmosphere. Also, it helped me realize my next step of faith, which isn’t as monumental as the next step for others in the sense of baptism, but it is important to me. Something I do not think I would have realized without Starting Point. I feel I would still be curious as to why I am so hesitant and guarded about faith when others can commit so freely, however I now know why it is that way for me. My next step is emotional healing, from things that still haunt me from my past. I can’t fully surrender or see God as a father until some of that is lifted through healing. Starting Point not only helped me realize that but also fostered the path for healing. – Brittany

Maybe you’ve got questions.
Maybe you feel like there’s something blocking you from total faith in Christ and you can’t seem to get past it.
Maybe you walked away from the church and now you’re second-guessing that decision because you’ve got kids.
Maybe you’d never even considered the possibility that Jesus was a real person… who really rose from the dead.
And if that’s true, maybe that changes everything.

No matter where you’re at. There’s a Starting Point for you and we’d love to help you find it. This Sunday right after our 10:30am service we will have a 15-minute orientation about Starting Point with the leaders. From there you can decide if Starting Point is your starting point.