June 2015 - Two Cities Church

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babyD Recap

This past Sunday we had an event called babyD. The purpose is for parents to dedicate their babies or toddlers. There’s nothing magical about it, but it’s about building a monument of sorts. It’s about committing to raising a child in the way of the Lord. It’s about taking the spiritual reigns and responsibility for the…

Burn – Opening Song [Video]

Every week we aim to engage the people at Two Cities Church with music that people may recognize outside of a church setting. It’s a way to have some fun and more importantly, create common ground with our guests. Here’s the opening song from this week, Burn by Ellie Goulding as sung by Jill Douty.

Shut Up and Dance [video]

This is a video taken during rehearsal this past Sunday by one of our production volunteers, Donny. It’s not great quality video or sound, but you get the idea. We used this song as our opener. In fact, every single week we strive to have something fun and engaging to begin our services. Actually, the…