VOTW: Brittany - Two Cities Church

VOTW: Brittany

This is Brittany and she is our Volunteer of the Week. When we first met Brittany, she said, “I don’t like people.” Brittany is finishing up a year-long term as our Guest Services Director at the end of October. That sounds funny, that she wouldn’t like people, yet be our GS director, but what we’ve come to realize is that she in fact does NOT like people, just like she said. But she does love them. She has become an agent of care and someone who genuinely finds joy in helping others. Brittany is also a Disney fanatic and having run in a recent Disney race, she injured her foot. But she finished! Two weeks ago she was serving at the door, in a chair and it just so happened that a couple of our guests rolled up in wheelchairs. She was right at their eye level. Only God could orchestrate something like that. We love you Brittany!