VOTW: Paige Solberg

Meet Paige Solberg. Paige is one of our most dedicated UpStreet small group leaders. Last week one of our volunteers had to cancel last-minute, Paige received a phone call an hour before service asking her to fill in and she accepted the challenge. Here’s what people are saying about Paige…

“She is awesome! She has volunteered to fill so many roles over the last few years, wherever we need her. She bought journals for her girls when she was leading our 5-6 girls. She cares so much and the kids know it. I really appreciate her love for God and for everyone at Two Cities!” – Amy Bolton, UpStreet Director

“She has been a huge support to us not only by serving wherever needed, even when out of her comfort zone, but by helping with our own kids, getting food for various events, going above and beyond, pretty much all the time.” – Erica Foster, Children’s Ministry Director (and daughter)

We love you, Paige and we are so blessed to have you on our team!