Volunteers of the Year 2017 - Two Cities Church

Volunteers of the Year 2017

Looking back on 2017, there were so many people who stepped up, above and beyond what we expected or dreamed. People served our community, served each other, loved each other, were generous, and were loving. I am proud of the people who call Two Cities their home. But as I think about all of the people who are a regular part of Two Cities, there is one couple that stands out as exceptionally generous with their hearts towards Two Cities.

Meet Jim and Carrie Tienken. Jim and Carrie originally came to Two Cities because they saw an article in the Fresno Bee about our launch and an ad in the paper. When they came, they immediately felt right at home because Jim recognized my dad, Don Foster, from high school in Lindsey, CA. What a small world!

From their first day Jim and Carrie have become an integral part of our church and over the past year, Jim has assumed a role on our Leadership Team, Stewardship Team, Prayer Team, Road Crew and Guest Services Team. They together are a huge part of our church family and we are a better community for it. Jim asks the hard questions, but is also incredibly encouraging. Carrie serves on our Guest Services team, Road Crew, and even in Children’s Ministry leading small groups, when needed. Carrie never fails to send a note of encouragement or even a post-card when they leave town and it makes me smile every time.

You can find them serving, just about every week! They are our 2017 Volunteers of the Year! Give them a huge hug and thank them for everything they do.