VOTW: Madison McKenna - Two Cities Church

VOTW: Madison McKenna

Meet Madison McKenna. Madison, or Madi as most call her, has become one of our favorite Waumba Land volunteers. She is a High School student and a part of our InsideOut Student Ministries. Here’s what some people had to say:

“She always shows up happy and excited and makes the extra effort to connect with the kids. She is energetic and always makes the room more fun!” – Erica Foster, Children’s Ministry Director

“Madi brings a contagious energy to any room she enters. She takes the time to get to connect with each kid and always jumps right in to play with them. The kids love her!” – Jenn Haugen, Waumba Land Director

“You can really tell that Madi has a heart for kids. Every time I see her at church, volunteering or not, she is always interacting with the kids. You can tell how much they love her and that they really enjoy having her as one of their volunteers.” – Brittany James, Madison’s InsideOut Small Group Leader

In 2017, Madison was baptized and you can see her story below.