You can’t go to church.

The following words were in a song that I memorized as a kid and it has completely colored how I understand the church and I’m very thankful for it.

You can’t go to church, as some people say.
It’s the common terminology we use every day.
You can go to a building, you can sit on a pew.
But you can’t go to church, ‘cuz the church is you.
Acappella Vocal Band (AVB)

If we could just get this one idea right, it would revolutionize the understanding that people have about church. So many believe you “do” church or “go to” church on Sundays. The reality is, if you are a follower of Jesus, church is wherever a gathering of Jesus followers happens to be. Church isn’t something you do on Sundays. It’s a lifestyle of seeking intimacy with God, living in community with other Jesus followers, and influencing the community you live in with the transformative and revolutionary love of Jesus. It includes a life of gathering with other Jesus followers on a regular basis to worship, learn, encourage, and provide a hub for the greater church family to gather, but is not limited to that one experience.

Those are just some of the ideas that shape our church and we’re looking forward to celebrating our 4-year anniversary of Sunday gatherings on Oct 7! Come celebrate with us!

-Micah, Lead Pastor


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