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Financial Peace

When my wife and I went through Financial Peace University, just over a decade ago, we couldn’t afford it the class. We were eating donated expired frozen pizzas for dinner 2-3 times a week. I was working for enough money to pay rent and medical. My wife was pregnant with our first child and she was working at a health club and taking breaks every 30 minutes to throw up because she didn’t have morning sickness, she had all-the-time sickness. But someone offered to help us go through Financial Peace University and if I’m honest, all I could think was…

“We don’t make enough money to cover our bills, there’s no amount of money strategy that will fix that.” 

But we did it anyways because someone from our church helped us with a scholarship and we went. The first two weeks alone were exactly what we needed to get us to the next level. One of the best things that’s happened since then is that we are completely out of school loan debt and that was a tall order and we no longer eat expired frozen pizzas.

I want you to have those same kinds of successes. I want you to pay off debt, save and be able to live with financial peace, but those things don’t just happen. You need a guide on your hero’s quest and we’ve got a great opportunity for you.

Sign up for our Financial Peace Universitycourse by using this unique link for a discount on the course. We don’t own this course, this is a resource we are making available to you. We make ZERO profit from this course, in fact we are investing in you and your family by offering this to you and our greater community. This course is open to any and all. 

All the details are here.

I hope to see you there!

Micah, Pastor

P.S. We are working on an on-site childcare solution during the course.


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