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The #1 Relationship KILLER

The #1 relationship killer, or the number one problem people have in their relationships is that they have unmet expectations. It’s the reason you can’t see eye-to-eye. It’s the reason you fight over finances, parenting and just about everything else. But it’s avoidable.

In this vlog, I share a story about a family day at Shaver Lake, where I came into the day with my expectations WAY TO HIGH and I set myself up for a frustrating day. Learn from my mistakes.


    • Micah,
      Wonderful post needed to hear that – spoke to my heart in this very moment of confusion –
      God just comes in through others – it is so awesome!
      Now in Connecticut!

      • micahfoster (Author)

        Loyce, Thank you for commenting. Glad to hear from you and I’m certainly glad this small message helped bring clarity in the midst of confusion. God Bless you! – Micah

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