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Anger, Boss or Not?

After hearing the message last Sunday, I was ready to look at the world in a different way: see the good and the beauty rather than focus on the bad and the ugly. Then Monday hit. 

It seemed as though I was being tested by God as he threw everything at me that could possibly cause me to spin out into anger: 

  • The Roomba turned on at 4 a.m. and started knocking things over
  • Someone moved my running bladder so I could not find it for my run
  • I ran out of coffee
  • Someone walked across my just mopped floor with dirty feet
  • The A/C in my car stopped working

Everything just seemed to keep piling up. I was getting angrier and angrier as the day went on. I began praying to God: “Why are you making my life so hard?” and “Why is the world against me?

I was so upset and quick to snap at the people around me who I believed to be the cause of all the day’s mishaps. Right when I was about to get into a fight about who was supposed to have done the grocery shopping for the week, I stopped

I began to remember the point of Micah’s message: I was letting anger be the boss of me. Rather than accept that some days are tougher than others, I let anger convince me that I was the victim and that others were the cause of my unhappiness. 

Soon I was feeling silly. Silly for being angry because I remember all that Jesus has done for me. That he put up with a whole lot worse than early, unwelcome wake-up calls and unbearable heat. Jesus sacrificed his life for me, not so I could feel angry and cheated, but so he could live through me. 

So I became still. I let God speak through me and I began to feel the weight of all that I had been feeling dissipate. I started to repeat to myself: “God has made many sacrifices for you, without anger or malice. God is with you and for you. Let him speak through you and lift the weight for your burdens. Follow God and you will feel at ease.

Granted, this was easier to say at times then to practice. As the week went on though, I began to realize the truth in what I was saying. 

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  1. Love this, Rachel! It can be so easy to let anger be the boss, especially in situations like what you experienced, but you are right… God is with you and for you. It’s hard to continue being angry when we stop to think about all He has done. Kudos to you!

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