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Indifference, Boss or Not?

Last Sunday’s message was fitting for the time. Not only has “call out culture” become a welcomed and prevalent practice, but the idea of confrontation and correction have inspired movements like #BlackLivesMatter and #MeToo. 

Both the message and these movements have a crucial thread in common: the desire to care enough about a people, institution, society to cast aside one’s fear of repercussion in the name of advancement and progress

Though Jesus may not have been calling specifically for a social and political revolution, he was still calling for an internal shift from accepting passivity to embracing discomfort

This is not to say that it is advised to tell your Mother-in-Law what you really think about the sweater she got you for Christmas a few years ago, or to tell your neighbor that you really do not care about their pet’s recent visit to the vet.

The message is not about being unflinchingly honest, but rather about being willing to confront someone about their actions or words when it counts and is appropriate. 

So, the next Thanksgiving when your Aunt or Uncle says something demeaning, or the next time your boss says something inappropriate, have the courage, one-on-one, to speak out about the harm within their actions. 

Above all, when someone is acting in a way that does not align with God’s values (since we all do it) be willing to speak up and hope for better next time. You should also be more receptive to someone who is confronting you about your wandering

It is also very important to remember your role within the situation. If hope is lost and the person you have attempted to help is not willing to hear what you have to say, release yourself from believing their life is yours to “fix.” It never was in the first place.

Do what you can to diminish your indifference to be and make people be uncomfortable. But also, do what you can to know when you have done your part in trying to help those who have stumbled. 

There are only so many minds and hearts that are ready to change, so reach out to those you can and accept those you cannot. 


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