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Earthly Good

During this past week, it has been especially difficult to not focus on the promise of Heaven. With the pandemic still in full swing and fires destroying close to home oasis, it was a reprieve to imagine the greatness and splendor of Heaven that would wash away the destruction occurring on earth. 

The Creek Fire was especially devastating and pushed me to my limit to remain focused on the good around me. I had to stand by as a family cabin burnt to the ground and watch the mourning process as the loss set in. 

Recognizing that there was nothing I could do about the fires, I began focusing on the glory of Heaven. Imagining its golden gates, marbled walls and God, sitting upon his throne awaiting the arrival of his children. 

Within these daydreams, I was reminded of Micah’s message. Rather than get caught up in the end result, I needed to focus on aiding the people and world around me. 

My first step was reaching out to those I knew who had also been affected by the destruction and give them my condolences. The next task was figuring out how I could play my part in rebuilding our community. 

It took awhile for me to recognize that I needed to be present, I needed to let God work through me now, rather than envision the future that his Kingdom promises. It was my duty to help  usher in God’s extended Kingdom here on Earth with my every step.

Right now, it is hard not to get caught up in the future. One where we can gather as a community, one where we can spend extended amounts of time outside, one where there are no restrictions. But that future is too distant for us to be focused on. God wants us to be present, to continue to worship him as we tend to our communal wounds. God wants us to focus on the here and now, despite the pain of confronting the devastation and terror surrounding us.

It is through our present sufferings that we will come to appreciate the fullness and goodness of the Kingdom of God.

How can I help the victims of the Creek Fire?

There are a few ways to immediately help the victims of the Creek Fire.

#1 Pray for them
#2 Donate gift cards for food, gas and lodging
#3 Donate goods like batteries, diapers, pet food, water, and food
#4 Donate money to our Fire Relief Fund

Donations can be dropped by at Clovis Hill Community Church. The Red Cross is set up across the street at Clovis North High School and they are also taking donations.