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Battle Belongs – Worship Devotional

The following Battle Belongs worship devotional was written by Paul Haugen.

Battle Belongs – PHIL Wickham Cover

I love this song, “Battle Belongs!” Throughout the song, the writers show us these great contrasts of what we see compared to what God sees.

We see the battle, but he sees the victory; we see the mountain, but he sees the mountain moved.

I loved the song from the first listen and put it on repeat feeling like, “Ok, I get what you’re saying and I love the guitars, we’re good.”

Then the creek fire broke out and many people in our community were displaced and our whole area was covered in smoke and ash. We’d been stuck in the house for months because of the pandemic, unable to do the things we love and now, just as we were adapting and making the most of it by playing outside, the fire made it impossible to go outside. It was terrible.

In the middle of all of this, I was playing this song when my wife, Jenn said, “Did you hear that!?

Hear what?” I asked.

Then she pointed me to the line that gave this song new life; “When all I see are the ashes, you see the beauty.”

This exchange of beauty for ashes is taken straight from scripture and is popular in songs, but to hear it when your city is covered in ash really brings it home.

It’s amazing to think that regardless of our circumstance, God is at work. God is on the move!

This is good news! That what we see isn’t the full picture. When all I see is shelter in place and lock downs, God sees freedom! When all we see is the pain of our past, he sees a future for us.

If we leaned into this truth, it would allow us to see beyond the things in front of us. It would allow us to live freely because we know that it’s not our fight.

The battle belongs to the Lord! Surrender, lean in, and rest in the one who fights our battles.


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