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Holy Spirit

The latter portion of October has been centered around the idea of the Holy Spirit. As someone who grew up in a Chirstian family and a church environment, I was aware of the Holy Trinity. I knew it was composed of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit, but it was not until Micah began breaking down the relationship between the three that I began to understand God’s all encompassing form.

Before, I had believed that The Holy Spirit was the final form God took on earth. I believed that when Jesus rose again and met his Father in Heaven, The Holy Spirit was left behind to spread God’s will. Micah’s explanation, however, of the components of The Holy Trinity having always been around, working in unison, pinned down that God is in everything. 

It is truly amazing that every wind blow or slight breeze signifies God’s will. When I was little, I remember that anytime a message or a song spoke to me I would get the chills. It felt as though an A/C vent was turned on directly above me. It was not until this past month’s messages about The Holy Spirit that I understood this slight breeze to be linked to the presence of The Holy Spirit. 

This may sound silly or like some half-baked ghost story, but I really did feel The holy Spirit’s presence. The temperature may not have actually changed and there may not have actually been a breeze, but I did feel as though I was standing in the presence of God in those moments. It felt secure. 

Normally, spirits are associated with fear and the dark, but the extension of God that is The Holy Spirit was neither of those things. Everything seemed brighter and better as The Holy Spirit surrounded me. When it left, however, I did fear the experience. The security and safety I had felt was replaced with fear at the notion that this force was gone and could just as easily cause me to feel dismay instead of happiness. 

Putting these pieces together was a humbling and awe inspiring experience. My childhood interactions with The Holy Spirit demonstrated the power God has. Though it is scary to conceptualize how that power could be used to enact God’s wrath, the truth of it is that God uses his power and the extensions of himself for good more often than for ill. 


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