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Faithful Now – Worship Devotional

Faithful Now – Vertical Worship Cover

The following devotional was written by Eric Medeiros.

In my Fresno County Jail bunk, with my eyes clenched tight, I bow my head and begin to pray.

“Dear God, please keep me safe…”

As the screams close in, I desperately attempt a plea-deal with God, as I had many times before.

“Please keep me safe and I’ll never turn my back on you again…”

The crazy thing is, every time I’ve tried making a deal, it’s as if God says, “Ok Eric.” And then I fail, but he remains true.

I hear the unmistakable crunch of fists meeting flesh, as a simple misunderstanding turns into a full floor riot.

I spent a total of 90 days in jail, against all odds, SAFELY. I can honestly say that God answered my prayers behind those walls. I only made it out safely, because of Him. I held on to my faith and He kept me safe. I’ll never totally understand why, because of what I had done to get there… but I believed in Him and He showed me how much He loves me.

Ok, I admit it. I’m a deal-maker and deal-breaker, but in His grace, He keeps His word. He is Faithful Now and forevermore. #faithfulnow #worship #devotional