Joy - Advent 02 - Two Cities Church

Joy – Advent 02

The following is a part of our Advent Worship Wednesday Devotional series and is written by Paul Haugen.

Singing church songs is kinda weird, isn’t it? The church has been joining together in song for a couple thousand years and, don’t get me wrong, I think it’s important, but it’s also a little strange. I mean, you go through your entire week talking, texting, laughing, giffing (I imagine that’s what it’s called when you share gifs) and then all of a sudden, during a specified time on Sunday morning, you’re singing. It’s strange isn’t it?

It’s a little better at Christmas, I suppose, because at least we know the words, but it’s still not something we do on a regular basis.

So why do we do it? Not all of us are singers and, if we’re honest, most don’t want people around you hearing your singing voice. If that’s not you, then it may be that the folks around you are the ones who don’t want to hear it.

But the reality is this, sometimes, when something happens that is so out of the ordinary, so unique or so unexpected, words and texts and gifs just don’t seem to be enough. Sometimes, the only thing that makes sense is to sing!

Take the song Joy to the World for instance.

We sing this song every Christmas, but never really convey the true meaning. We sing it like an old church song, when it is actually a declaration that the creator of heaven and earth stepped down from his throne and stepped into humanity to save us. Saying, “wow!” Doesn’t seem to be enough.

We paired it with Our God Saves by Paul Baloche and if we really lean in, it takes on a whole new meaning.

“Hear the joyful sound of our offering…”

We’re celebrating you, Jesus! Can you hear us?

“As your saints bow down, as your people sing…”

In a world where everyone seemingly goes their own way from moment to moment, we’re in this together; joined as one for you!

“We will rise with you lifted on your wings and the world will see that Our God Saves!”

We’re standing up and making our voices heard; declaring good news to the poor, binding up the broken hearted and setting the prisoners free. Jesus is here to rescue us!

That’s worth singing about. That is a declaration of joy to the whole world.