advent 16 - receive Our King Worship Devotional - Two Cities Church

advent 16 – receive Our King Worship Devotional

by Paul Haugen

I love Christmas lights. I think at some point, I will become Clark Griswold and overload the power grid with my light display, but for now, I just really enjoy driving through neighborhoods and looking at the lights.

It’s the contrast, I think, that draws me in. Light bursting through the darkness. A thing of beauty coming through when we cannot see.

Lights matter at Christmas, and not just because they’re on sale at Target. It’s because when the hour seemed darkest and when hope seemed lost, a light broke through and gave hope to the world.

That hope spreads from each one of us to another when we believe. 

This song paints that picture:

“Light my heart like a candle. Let it burn for only you. Join my song with the angels. Tell everyone the news.”

The light of the world burst through the darkness to bring life and hope and joy and that spark moves through each of us until the whole world is lit up. Hope is here and we get to be a part of the story.

That’s even better than a 10 foot tall Santa Clause!