Advent 21 - Give love - Two Cities Church

Advent 21 – Give love

by Donny Bolton

If you turn on the news or open social media right now, there is so much hate in regards to who and/or how you’ve voted, or how you are handling the COVID pandemic.

I keep a lot of these views to myself so that I do not give anyone a reason to hate me.

I have no desire to argue about these things. I know that I will still love my friends and family, no matter how they have voted or if they have different views on the pandemic. Christ knew that His life was coming to an end, however he did not fault those that were going to kill him, He loved them. They had a different belief than he did and he did not let that stand in His way of loving like his Father.

What I am seeing right now in this world is so many people not loving each other the way God loved us. My life has been changed so much by people loving me, not because of anything I did for them, but because they were living in the way Christ instructed us to. I have spent much of my adult life loving someone who has not reciprocated that love in the way you would expect.

I have fought with them and have said many times that I am done, but that is not how Christ wants us to live our lives. I choose to still love even though that same love might not be returned. This is something that has changed my life. My life is so much better because of loving as I have been loved by Christ. He sacrificed his life for me and you, so we may live and show love.

As the cross drew ever closer, Jesus knew that He would soon leave His earthly friends and return to His Father in heaven. So He left important instructions for all of His children to follow – that we should love each other with a self-sacrificial love, that only comes from Him – a godly affection and gentle kindness. 

Christ willingly sacrificed His own life so that we might live – should we not do the same for others? How can you show love to others this week? Take some time in prayer today to help identify someone who needs your love.

John 15:12-13 NIV

12 My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. 13 Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.