Advent 23 - Hallelujah Advent Worship Devotional - Two Cities Church

Advent 23 – Hallelujah Advent Worship Devotional

by Micah Foster

Hallelujah is an exclamation of praise and worship which means God be praised! 

“Ooh, let thеre be peace on earth
Let the lonely join together, let them know their worth
Ooh, let the children know
There’s a brighter day ahead, let’s hold on to hope
And on the coldest evening in this December
Let us pray the spirit of love will linger”
(Lyrics from Hallelujah by Carrie Underwood & John Legend)

In this song, Hallelujah is a call to believe, to trust and to hope.

In any Christmas season there are plenty of things people stress about, but viruses haven’t been on the radar for a century as the biggest threat to the hope we find around Christmas. And as you know, it hasn’t just been a virus. It’s been political turmoil and financial woes as well.

And yet, we dare to sing God be praised!

Why? Well, we know there will be brighter days ahead. How can we be so certain? All we have to do is look at God’s track record and for most of us, just in our own experience. We don’t even have to go back and recount the biblical accounts of how God has saved us over and over again from complete and utter annihilation. 

His grace is lavished on our lives now. 

So yes, we dare to hold on to hope and we dare to believe peace will be on earth through the reign of Christ.

So today, if you’re feeling lonely, lost or afraid let’s dare to believe in the hope of Christ together. And let’s live out His Spirit of love this December. Pray this with me.

Dear God, Today I am placing my hope in your promises. I’m letting go of my fears and anxieties and I’m asking you to place your reassurances in it’s stead. Lord give me steadfast trust in your love above all other hopes dangled in front of me. Make my feet ready for your call and make my life ready for your charge. Give my days purpose and resolve and most of all, let your love overflow so that others may see You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.