Invite - Two Cities Church

Invest & Invite

Every week we work hard to create the optimal environment for a first time guest. From the parking lot to the worship experience to the environments for children, we want them all to be just right for our guests. This is why we encourage our attenders to build relationships with people who are not connected to a local church and when the time is right to invite them to one of our environments. We call this “invest and invite.” If we can do anything to make Two Cities Church an easier place for you to invite an unchurched friend please let us know how by contacting us.

From time to time people ask us, “How do I know who to invite?” We think you should invite anyone and everyone, but if you need some more help on that, just focus on the three little nots. Invite someone if they clue you in on any of these life circumstances:

  • Life is not going well.
  • Life is about to or has taken a turn that they are not prepared for.
  • They are not connected to a local church.

We hope that helps.