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Bystander, Pt 3: CArry On

Just outside of Jerusalem, Jesus performed a miracle that changed a man’s life forever. For 38 years, this man was unable to walk. But when Jesus said, “Get up,” the man was healed. However, it’s what Jesus said next that made this miracle a clear sign of who Jesus really was.

Bystander, Pt 2: Living As If

In order to demonstrate who he was, Jesus performed a number of miracles—which the apostle John referred to as “signs.” The first of those signs was at a joyous occasion where Jesus turned water into wine. The second sign was in the midst of a heartbreaking circumstance in which a father desperately asks Jesus to…

Is there a plan?

3 Questions Everybody Has ABout God, Part 3: Does God have a plan for my life? God, what do you want me to do next? God, am I following your plan? These can be frequent prayers for people who want to know God’s will and fulfill it. But what if living out God’s plan for…

Engage 2020

At the beginning of 2020, we took some time to talk about how to create momentum in our personal, financial, relational, professional lives as well as our church. Momentum doesn’t just happen, it takes Focused Intensity over Time multiplied by God.