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Holy Spirit

The latter portion of October has been centered around the idea of the Holy Spirit. As someone who grew up in a Chirstian family and a church environment, I was aware of the Holy Trinity. I knew it was composed of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit, but it was not until Micah…

Earthly Good

During this past week, it has been especially difficult to not focus on the promise of Heaven. With the pandemic still in full swing and fires destroying close to home oasis, it was a reprieve to imagine the greatness and splendor of Heaven that would wash away the destruction occurring on earth.  The Creek Fire…


Indifference, Boss or Not?

Last Sunday’s message was fitting for the time. Not only has “call out culture” become a welcomed and prevalent practice, but the idea of confrontation and correction have inspired movements like #BlackLivesMatter and #MeToo.  Both the message and these movements have a crucial thread in common: the desire to care enough about a people, institution,…

Introducing Rachel | LDP Intern

Just after Easter, we hired two interns at Two Cities Church. They are going through something we’re calling the Leadership Development Program. Twice a month they participate in a round table discussion on leadership principles and how they apply to the church and life. They each specialize in an area of the church and have…

Baptism: Rachel Lewis

Here at Two Cities, there are students who serve every week in our children’s ministry environments. Rachel is one of those students. She is a high schooler who attends Buchanan High School and publicly declared that Jesus is her Lord and Savior through Baptism on November 8, 2015 at a Night of Worship.