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Me & My Big Mouth, Pt 1

Series Schedule, 10:30 on These Select Sundays6/2 Week 1: Quick to Listen6/16 Week 2: Untamable6/30 Week 3: According to Code7/14 Week 4: Right Where We Want ‘Em Series by Andy Stanley:Open mouth . . . insert foot. Don’t we all wish we could avoid that scenario? Our words can get us into all kinds of trouble. But…


Jesus’ resurrection launched a series of events that introduced the world to his new covenant and new hope. But old ways don’t easily give way. Not then. Not now.

Financial Peace University

Spoiler alert: The Joneses are broke. That means keeping up with them will only get you into MORE debt! It’s time to run fast and hard in the other direction, and Financial Peace University will show you how. Join us for our next group at Two Cities Church starting March 12. Sign up at

Zoo Cities church

Sunday, May 5th, we are not having a regular service. Instead, we are gathering at the Fresno Chaffee Zoo to build community and have a picnic. Here’s the itenerary: 10:30 Bird-show11:00 Wilderness falls11:30 Giraffe Feeding12:00 Sea Lion Cove12:30 Lunch at the grass area behind Bird Show audience area. Tickets are normal prices at the gate…


If you think Jesus was a great leader and teacher, but find it hard to believe in his resurrection, you’re in good company. Even his disciples were skeptical. But those same followers were the ones who would later become the spokesmen of a new movement: the church. They would maintain faith in the midst of…

The Songs we sing

This week is a conversational service all about why we sing in our services and why specifically, the songs that we choose. This is a very kicked-back kind of service and we’re really excited for it.


Humble shepherd. Giant-slayer. Gifted poet. Mighty warrior. Flawed man. Legendary leader. David is one of history’s most famous kings. But more important, he was a man after God’s own heart.

Living Room Worship Night (No Sunday Morning, Mar 3)

On March 3, instead of a regular Sunday morning service, we will be gathering at Tim and Jill Douty’s home for a living room worship night. This is a great time for our church family to gather in worship, prayer, communion and community. Let’s celebrate what God has done through our Core Challenge in 2019…

The Blessing

There is something in all of us that desires affirmation from our dads. If we don’t receive it, we often go looking for it . . . sometimes in all the wrong places. Some of us received this blessing. Some of us didn’t. For some of us, the voice of our fathers is gone. The…

Everybody Always

Our lives move so quickly we often prioritize being right or seeking the applause of others over pausing to love them well. But what if we spent our short time on Earth getting to know Jesus, who is immensely patient with us and moves closer even when we mess up? Even better, what if we…